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The rental of the Dutch-Barge-Luxemotor Lezeven as a private yacht, it's a unique occasion to discover the French deep land "terroir", so rich in history and cultural heritage, unreachable otherwise.

Lovers of true discoveries and riverside tourism, you were many to visit the first show of my cruises and to live the unique experience of navigation on the Briare canal, on board of this extraordinary Dutch barge Luxemotor. I wished to put on line these new pages lived up with pictures, to bring back the souvenirs of whom I'd the pleasure to received on board and maybe inspire new amateurs sailor's vocations.

Your pilot has a quite filled sailor's past : after a successful career on automotive business, five years on the seas allowed him to live sailing experiences on different kinds of ships and charter expeditions on Caribbean seas.Coming back from these nautical adventures, I purchased the " Zeven Gebroeders" which fittings, brilliantly conducted by a real artist, just seduced me. So let's discover this barge, more than a house boat, a real sculpture!

The autumn navigation from Paris to Briare, our current parking place, was an explosion of sensations and colors. What to say about the kindness of the " canal people ", less numerous than yesterday, but always devoted to their environment and canal's navigation's history. It's a pleasure too see in spring their houses ornated with flowers! Unfortunately, few authentic barges are sailing now in French canals. They were replaced by modern little ones, available to rent without driving license, and less authentic that the older ones.

I propose you to share with me this unique experience.

Your Barge's pilot : Pascal

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