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In 1609, King Henry IV's architect Hugues Cosnier begins the construction of a canal to connect the rivers Loire and Seine. He has three years to make it but thirty eight years were necessary to finish this building site. That will be the canals of Loing, from Moret to Montargis then Briare canal from Montargis to Briare.

The locks of Briare's canal the first of kind "à bajoyer" it means, with straight walls. Cosnier uses the technique of water's entries and exits by aqueduct, called "déchargeoirs", to fill or empty those canal's locks. This technique is still used today and some of those Cosniers art works are still working very well.

One of the overcome difficulties of this architect construction of the "bief de partage", it means, the canal's higher part that must be filled with reserves to provide in water the lock's slopes. In fact, at that time, they used to follow the rivers valley's ways to fill in water the canals. But the original project to connect the Loing and the Trezée was impossible. It was necessary to climb the La Puisaye hills. Cosnier found the solution by diverting the spring of La Trezée trough the Breteau channel and with the water of area's fountains and streams, he succeeded to fill the La Gazonne's reservoir.

Later, in the XIX century, the construction of the Pont Canal in 1890 took place at the same time of the Briare's electrical centrals and that will draw the necessary water in the Upper Loire.
The locks of Rogny, Moulin Brulé and Chesnoy were constructed to join up this sharing navigation point.

At this same period those locks were reformed to Freycinet type barge size to permit the bigger 38M and 350T barges to navigate the canal.

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The barge is getting up the lock







This 25 meter long barge is impressive
Mooring the barge in the lock