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The size of this barge needs "plaisance barge" license, and that's why the captain is with you.
He knows how to make himself discret , and has his accommodations on the backside of the barge, ancient living place of the sailors and their childrens, restaured as it was and totally independent.

"ZEVEN GEBROEDERS" means the seven brothers. It shows it familiar spirit, which characterized the "batellerie" world. The participation of all guests on board's life will permit us, for few hours, to continue this tradition. Couples and wise children will share this warm environment.

The board cuisine is compose mostly of barbecues made in the inside fireplace and fresh season' salads. The meals, with all guests and captain, are served on the barge's terrace, parked alongside on the canal. Depending of your desires, I can take in charge the purchases for the meals before your arriving. On certain stops, a charming French "auberge" can receive you.

Sometimes we have a sailor on board to help us in the manoeuvers on lock's entries. Otherwise I always ask for help to my guests for little operations like to fasten the ropes on the "boulard" or to guide the captain on the lock's entries..

The location of this barge guarantee you a total privacy concerned bathrooms and toilets. The "literie" (bed sheets and pillows) is included.


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